Past Works

Preparing to return to work, after a life derailed by drugs
MPR News, February 2019

Reporter’s notebook: Opioids, a death and the story that never ran
MPR News, October 2018

74 Seconds podcast
MPR News

Waiting for a verdict with a box fan and a single plug
MPR News, June 15, 2017

It’s an opioid overdose death. But is it murder? 
MPR News, July 2016

Minnesota’s opioid overdose epidemic
(Project launched with eight profiles, an explainer, resources for recovery and analysis).
MPR News, May 2016

Patron buys Lee’s Liquor Lounge in order to save it
MPR News, April 2015

Police officer’s widow: “We truly all carry this burden” 
MPR News, August 2014

Beyond the feel-good of urban farming: Farm advocates push to shape Minneapolis’ food systems–and future
Walker Art Center Magazine, November 2013

For Board of Pardons, a ‘mistake’ or a crime worthy of punishment
MPR News, October 2013

Home vigil honors a mother’s last wish
Minnesota Public Radio, October 2012

Minnesota lags in access to opiate OD antidote
Minnesota Public Radio, July 2012

Minnesota Journalism oral history project
Funded by a grant from the Minnesota Historical Society, completed in June 2011

Debt settlement companies evade state restrictions
Minnesota Independent, August 2010

* Iron Range Resources board could be skirting state open meeting laws
Mesabi Daily News, March 2010

There are no conflicts of interest in Pawlenty’s Minnesota
Minnesota Independent, December 2009

Gently into the reach of the night part one: Local Somali community struggles with violence
Minnesota Daily, October 2008

Crossing the river part one: West Bank history
Twin Cities Daily Planet via Minnesota Daily, March 2008

Closing of North Country Co-op (link to page with audio)
KFAI News, November 2007

*Because these stories are secured behind pay-walls, the version here is sometimes not exactly the same as the final published version.